Below you will find an overview of the sections and how to use them:


How does it work?
It is very Simple and Free:
You will be helped by someone to learn what you want and in return and you will help someone else to learn what he / she wants.
You want to learn (to make conversation), Romanian Language and you already know another language (Italian, French, English, Spanish, etc.), or you are good in another field (mathematics, physics, computer science, etc.) that another person wants study (or to get better at).

At the

Registration Section:

you say a few words about you, [age, location (city, country), gender (male / female)], what you want to study, the level you are at, what you are willing to help someone else to learn and other information that you consider to be relevant.
You can also specify how you want the interaction to take place: E-Mail, Messenger (Yahoo / MSN), Facebook, Skype, etc. Do you prefer that the interaction to take place only via email / instant messenger or - and audio / video, in order to make conversation.

Audio Section:

Here you can hear how various words, expressions and phrases are pronounced and written in English + Romanian and view a representative image for them.

Translations Section:

In this section, if you have a text to be translated from English to Romanian or from Romanian to English , post it on the site and follow the comments of other members.
Eventually if you know another language mention if you are willing to contribute to the translation of a text to / from that language.

Translator Section:

In this section you will find two applications that will help you to make automated translations from English to Romanian or from Romanian to English .

Courses Section :

In this section you will find a series of materials that will help to learn Romanian Language

If you have any doubts please send an email at:(learninteractively@yahoo.com ) to request further informations.

Best of luck at Interactive Learning!

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