In this section, you say a few words about you, [age, location (country, city), gender (male / female)], what you want to study, the level where you are at, what you are willing to help someone else to learn and other informations that you may consider relevant.
You can also specify how you want the interaction to take place: E-Mail, Messenger, Skype, etc. Do you prefer the interaction to take place only via email / instant messenger and-or audio / video, to make conversation.

You can leave directly on the site an address (email, messenger, etc.) where you can be contacted by whom is interested, or you can send to the administrator ( ) your data (information relevant to this task) and a contact address (preferably an email address, messenger, skype). When someone wants to communicate with you, you will receive a notification message with related information. You decide if and how you agree to communicate.

If you find someone on the site that has no public contact details and wish to him (a) contact:
  • send an email directly at:
  • or you can respond to the message of the person you are interested in directly on the website and wait for a response from him(her).

Please be aware that:

  • sending your request to the administrator is likely to take longer until you will be recommend a compatible person;
  • if you post your announcement directly, you get a greater exposure and therefore your chances of finding someone increase significantly in a shorter timeframe.

If you want your announcement to be removed from the site, you must send to the administrator ( ), an email that must contain: the announcement to be removed and a short description motivating the demand.
Attention! The email address of the sender must coincide with the one given in the announcement to be contacted , otherwise the announcement will not be removed.


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